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Saint Monica Prayer Ministry

On the basis of prayerful reflection, Father Charles Zlock felt that a new Prayer Ministry was needed at Saint Monica for the people of the Parish, to support the Parish Vision and Mission and to have our prayers impact the neighborhood and wider world.  Thus, on April 17, 2016 this Prayer Ministry began at Saint Monica Parish.

Who is involved in the Prayer Ministry and how were they chosen?  A “Director of Prayer Ministry” works together with a “Prayer Ministry Team” whose members have generously answered the call for this vision.

What does this Ministry do exactly?  The Prayer Team regular receives prayer requests sent into them via this link on the Parish Website. Intentions are then brought to prayer for 1 month. If more prayer for a situation is needed, a new request can be sent so that prayer may continue for an additional month.

How does one submit a prayer request?  Prayer request can be submitted via this link. Please leave your first and last name and your e-mail address.  Also, when you use this link, please let us know whether or not we may share your name and specific information about the situation with the prayer team.

Will anyone else besides the Prayer Team know about the prayer intention? All requests are first received by the Director of Prayer Ministry who reads, discerns and, when necessary, edits prayer requests before passing them on to the Prayer Team.  All prayer requests are held in confidence. Names and specifics about a situation are not revealed to the Prayer Team unless requested.

It is Father Zlock’s hope that this new Ministry will be of great comfort to any parishioner in need of it. As a Parish, please keep Father Zlock and the Members of the Team and its Director in your prayers.