Sacrament Information – What You Will Need

First Holy Communion Documents

2017 First Communion Packet & Information

Confirmation Documents

2017 Confirmation Packet & Information

2017 Confirmation Study Guide

Confirmation Sponsor Forms:

Please choose the Certificate that best applies to your relationship with the Church.
These forms are for use by registered Saint Monica Parishioners only.
Please visit the Parish where you are registered to obtain the necessary eligibility forms.

Certificate of Eligibility CONFIRMATION – Practicing Catholic

Certificate of Eligibility CONFIRMATION – Non-Practicing, Good-Intentioned Catholic

Baptism Godparent Eligibility Forms:

Certificate of Eligibility BAPTISM – Practicing Catholic

Certificate of Eligibility BAPTISM – Non-Practicing, Good-Intentioned Catholic

If you have questions, please contact the Religious Education Office at 610-647-4757.